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50% of men are affected by Male Pattern Baldness, by the time they reach 50. Everyone loses hair daily at a rate of approximately 50 to 150 individual hairs per day. Usually, the hair will grow back. If the hair follicle is thinned, however, this re-growth does not occur.

All men experience some degree of gradual hair loss in their lifetime because of natural aging and changes in the male hormone androgen. Women also may experience hair loss.

Through hair transplantation procedures, medical science in the last two decades has made huge strides, not only human hair restoration, but in providing balding men a renewed sense of pride, joy, and self-confidence.

A hair restoration procedure involves removing hair from the “donor” area, usually at the back of the head. And transplanting them to patches of scalp where the hair has stopped growing. The behavior of transplanted hair is like the behavior of hair from where they originated.

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There are three types of hair transplants DHI, FUT, and FUE. The differences between them are the method by which the hair is extracted and transplanted. Deciding which transplant is right for you can be determined during your clinic consultation. The most popular and preferred method is FUE.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

FUT is a long-established form of hair transplant, during which a long thin strip of scalp is removed, typically from the lower back of the head. The hair follicles are then removed from the strip; divided into single units and transplanted into the desired area. The area of the scalp from where the strip was removed is then sewn back together. Typically, an FUT procedure is quicker, due to the required follicles being removed at the same time.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE is a well-trusted and preferred technique for hair transplants. In this procedure, rather than removing the follicles in one go – as with the FUT – small, circular cuts are made to remove individual follicles, or groups of follicles, from all over the donor area of the scalp. This is repeated until the surgeon has enough follicles to cover the hair loss area.

DHI (Direct Hair Implant)

The DHI procedure is quite like the FUE, except on an even more precise scale. Follicles are removed from the donor area one by one and placed separately into the affected area of hair loss using a specialist implanter tool. This technique is a more recent development in the hair loss world.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey


In recent years Turkey has become a popular medical tourism destination, especially for hair transplant, dental treatments, plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery. This is mainly due to a lower cost of living, an abundance of highly educated and trained professionals, and a favorable currency exchange rate. The number of hair surgery undertaken in Turkey is almost 3,000 per day. Most of the patients are from foreign countries including Europe, North American and Middle East.

The doctor performing hair surgery in Turkey have decades of combined on hand experience, employing cutting edge technologies and highly advanced treatment techniques. The procedure is performed at a hospital, rather than a clinic, to ensure adequate facilities and resources are available to deal with the contingencies.


There is no country in the world that can beat the cost of hair transplant in Turkey. Istanbul has many hair restoration clinics where experienced and licensed hair surgeons perform these surgeries. On average, hair transplant in Turkey costs around $2,675 for 2500 grafts. Because of its cheap cost and high quality, patients choose Turkey as the preferred destination.

About our Business Partners

Our business partners includes a team of medical experts specialized in hair transplant in Turkey, is headed by a qualified M.D. who is a highly regarded surgeon based in Turkey and has been in practice for the last 27 years. Over the period of last 5 years his team have performed hundreds of successful hair restoration procedures in Turkey with satisfied patients from over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The ideal candidate for hair restoration has healthy hair on the sides and back of the head. These sites are used as donor areas for the grafts. Men and women with well-defined baldness, thinning hair and those with limited hair loss are generally good candidates for hair restoration surgery. The doctor will advise you of treatment options during an initial consultation. You are requested to send photos of your head taken from all the sides to assess the number of sessions required for complete transformation. Severe baldness with good hair on the donor areas require two sessions, with a gap of 10 to 12 months between sessions.

The risk of infection is much lower with FUE than with FUT.  FUE has a higher success rate and is the most popular procedure in the field of hair transplants today. Unlike FUT, FUE is a gentler and a more effective variant, that leaves no scars and has a shorter recovery period.

With the use of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, discomfort during the procedure is virtually eliminated.

In general, age or sex is not a limiting factor for hair restoration techniques. Patients aged 70 and older have had successful procedures. Individuals in their late 20’s and above, experiencing male pattern or female pattern baldness can be successfully treated

When you have hair grafted from the back and sides of your scalp to your balding areas, called an autograft, the hair will grow for the rest of your life.

Most of the transplanted hair will shed within a month after the procedure. However, after three months (90 to 100 days), new hair grows and continue to grow at a normal rate. About six months after the hair surgery, the transplanted hair begins to take on a natural appearance and will continue to grow for a lifetime. The donor site from which the hair was taken shrink to a small, barely noticeable incision line that is completely hidden behind surrounding hair.

Generally, with all the right elements in place, the success rate of hair transplant in Turkey is around 98%. Please research well before you choose the country where you want your hair restoration procedure performed.

As with all surgical procedures, there is always some risk. However, complications from the surgical treatment of hair loss are rare and generally minimal. Bleeding and/or infection are infrequent and minor. In general, you should avoid aspirin or certain drugs or some herbal remedies before surgery. If you have specific concerns, please let us know.

The Side effects are usually minor and clear up within a few weeks. These includes the following:

  • bleeding
  • infection
  • swelling of the scalp
  • bruising around the eyes
  • a covering those structures on the territories of the scalp where hair was taken out or implanted.
  • numbness or lack of sensation on the treated areas of the scalp
  • itching
  • inflammation or infection of the hair follicles, which is known as folliculitis
  • shock loss, or unexpected however ordinarily transitory loss of the relocated hair.
  • unnatural-looking tufts of hair