1. Travertines of Pamukkale (Thermal Lake)

Pamukkale is a very famous city that is located on the southwestern side of Turkey. According to people, there are about 17 natural hot spring pools here. For around a thousand years, millions of tourists have been coming to Pamukkale city to explore its amazing and beautiful thermal lakes, whose water naturally remains hot. This place is also designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This place makes Pamukkale city one of the best cities for tourists. You can also capture some amazing and memorable photos here.

2. Hierapolis Ancient Theatre


This magnificent Hierapolis Ancient Theater is a famous tourist attraction because of its natural beauty and its famous history. This theater was built during the 2nd century AD, during the time period of Roman Emperor Hadrian. During the 60 AD, this theater got destroyed due to earthquakes and was later renovated between 193-211 AD. It is said that this theater was constructed with, well, ancient quality stones. Around 15000 people used to sit and watch the show in this theater during its Hay days. It was also nominated as a World Heritage Site during the year 1988.