1. Mevlana Museum

Mevlana Museum is in the city of Konya which is located in Turkey. Basically, it is the tomb and shrine of the famous Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, who was a Persian Sufi poet. This Mevlana Museum was built in the year 1274. After that, Mevlana and his other family members were also buried here. And, during the year 1926, this place was turned into a museum. This place is also one of the famous pilgrimage spots in Turkey. And its dome of turquoise tiles is stunning to see. In addition, nearly 1.5 million people visit this place every year, in which many of them are local Turkish.

2. Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden

This butterfly garden is the best place to visit. This place was opened during the month of July 2015. In addition, this Butterfly Garden is also Europe’s largest butterfly zone, which is spread over 1600 square meters. There are around 15 different species of butterflies and a total of six thousand butterflies can be seen here. As well, you will also see twenty thousand plants and 98 different plant species at this place. This place is definitely amazing, especially your kids will enjoy it here.

3. Alaaddin Hill Park

Aladdin Hill Park is the best place in the city of Konya, Turkey. Here you can spend quality time with your family, especially in the evening sun. Also, you can do some exercises there. Aladdin Hill Park is the perfect place to take a break from city life, where you can enjoy some natural surroundings such as bird watching, trees, and flowers. Also, you can enjoy some traditional cuisine in the restaurants around the park.

4. Kyoto Japanese Park

This stunning Kyoto, Japanese park is located in the Turkish city of┬áKonya. It is built like a Japanese garden. This park was basically built because of a good friendship between Turks and Japanese. You will see there several beautiful and different trees that can only be seen in Japanese parks. When you are visiting Turkey, you definitely should enjoy this place’s beauty.

5. Whirling Dervish Ceremony

Every year, countless people travel to the Turkish city of Konya to attend the Whirling Dervish Ceremony. This is a 750-year-old tradition based on the teachings of Jalaluddin Rumi. During the year of 2008, UNESCO said that “The Whirling Dervish Ceremony” was one of the masterpieces of verbal and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.